• A Nation that Destroys its Soils Destroys itself
Trainings for Students
These trainings are arranged for students on receiving suitable number of nominations from their institutes/ universities etc.
Trainings for Government Officers/Officials
Trainings are imparted to officers and officials of different government organizations/ institutions/ universities.
Following services are being provided by the Directorate General office on payment basis:
  • Soil Surveys and Mapping (at Reconnaissance, Semi-detailed, Detailed and Ultra detailed level)
  • Land Use Surveys
  • Land Resources Inventories and Land Evaluation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Assessment of Agricultural Development Potential
Land resource surveys are our core activity. We maintain a land resource database of the country. The other key functions are as under:
  • Semi-detailed and detailed soil surveys for land use management on request for better agriculture production
  • Land use inventories and land evaluation
  • Thematic mapping (e.g. land use, vegetation, soil etc.)
  • Special purpose mapping (suitability maps)
  • Remote sensing and image processing
Field Activities
Field/ site visit is mandatory for soil survey. The field activities during soil survey include:
Lab & ISU Activities
The soil samples collected from field are analysed in the laboratory for: