Following services are being provided by the Directorate General office on payment basis:

  • Soil Surveys and Mapping (at Reconnaissance, Semi-detailed, Detailed and Ultra detailed level)
  • Land Use Surveys
  • Land Resources Inventories and Land Evaluation
  • Land Use Planning
  • Assessment of Agricultural Development Potential
  • Land Reclamation and Soil Improvement
  • Physical/ Chemical Analyses of Soils and Water (for Agriculture Purpose)
  • Soil Management Practices
  • Salinity Surveys
  • Thematic Mapping (e.g. Land Use, Vegetation, Soil)
  • Special Purpose Mapping (Suitability Maps)
  • User Defined GIS Applications (e.g. Salinity and Sodicity Mapping, Soil Erosion Risk Determination, Water-Logging Assessment etc.)
  • Training and Consultancy in Planning of Sustained Use of Land Resources
  • Trafficability Studies

Aforementioned services can be requested through a duly signed request on organization’s letterhead stating the purpose and details of services required. The services will be provided after the approval of competent authority and on payment of charges as prescribed by the Government.